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Although some 4,000 miles away in Ensenada at the time, Frankie's presence is spotted at London's Millennium Eve funfair celebrations.

Spirit of Frankie at the fair!

London bids a tearful farewell to Broadway-bound Ryan and Jenny at Warrens Wine Bar London Wednesday 22 September 1999.
L-R: Dominque Lesbriel, Angela Andrew, Andrew Winton, Jenny Thomas, Ryan Francois, Linzi Deayn, Claire Colbert, Chris Carter.

London says farewell to Ryan and Jenny

Chazz Young, Miriam Nelson and Fayard Nelson take the applause at the end of their talk during week 3 of Herrang Dance Camp 1999.
Chazz, Miriam and Fayard at Herrang, July 1999.

Frankie Manning leads The Shim Sham at the greatest swing dance weekend ever - Can't Top The Lindy Hop at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York, May 1994.

Frankie leads the Shim Sham at his 80th birthday party

All style, all power. The greatest Lindy Hop troupe in the world swing out: The Rhythm Hot Shots at Can't Top The Lindy Hop.
The Rhythm Hot Shots swing out

Another birthday, another Shim Sham: Frankie heads the line at Jumpin' At The Woodside at Gloucester in England May 1999.
Jumpin' At The Woodside '99

The Woodside Crew presents Frankie with 85 cakes, but only one candle per tray, due to the fire risk.
Frankie gets his cakes

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