All About Jazz US swing music and swing dance 
Any Swing Goes US swing dance news 
Biography Channel Search for your favourite film star
Boston Boston USA's swing scene
Chicago Lindy in The Windy City
Collectors Universe US online store with something for everyone
Daddy-O's US online store for shoes, dresses and tops
Enjoy Lindy (Paris) Swing dance in French France! 
Frank Manning The Great Man's teaching schedule for 2001
Fred Astaire A fabulous Fred Astaire site
Good Rockin' Tonight Source for rare records and music memorabilia
Hellzahoppin James Glader's news site
Hep Cat Records Online swing record mail order
Jazz Records and Books Great source of jazz material
JeezLouise Louise Thwaite's new site 
Hop To The Beat Home of the annual Beantown bash and much more!
Jitterbugs Swingapore News of Sing Lim's activities
Jitterbuzz Frank and Carole's swing site.
Montreal Swing Dance Society Canadian swing The Northern California Lindy Society
NZSwing New Zealand Swing
Paul and Sharon Home page of Paul Overton and Sharon Ashe
Pop Deluxe Vintage US vintage clothing store (Pennsylvania)
Ryan and Jenny All the news on Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas
Savoy Ballroom Terry Monaghan's tribute to the famous ballroom
Savoy Style Judy Pritchett's wonderful news and shopping site
Swing City Switzerland swings at Swing City
Sydney Swing Katz Dance troupe in Sydney Australia.
Tokyo Lindy Hop Far Eastern Swing
Toronto Swing Dance Society Canada cuts a rug
Tuxedo Junction George Spinks' big band site
Vera-Ellen Tribute to Vera-Ellen
Yeahman Home page of Rob and Diane van Haaren
Yehoodi The Voice of New York Swing

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