1940s Dance Ian Bayley's award-winning  web site.
Bedford Swing Dance Society Swing dance in Bedford and Northampton
Boogie Nights Swing & Jive events in Scotland
Ceroc UK's largest French jive organisation
Cal'donias Swing Dance Society Swing and boogie woogie in East Anglia
The Edinburgh Swing Dance Society Scotland's premier swing dance site
The Fly Right Dance Company Monthly big band swing night
Jivehive Jive events in the Kent area
Jiveoholic Learn new dance moves!
Jive 2000 Weekly Jive classes and events around the M25 Area
JiveSwing Swing events in Hertfordshire
Jive Time Events and classes
Jump 'n Jive Learn Airsteps, Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie
JiveBug Jive classes and events in South East England
Jive Riot South Coast swing and jive
Lindy Circle Classes, performances and Hop The Castle
leroc Jive dances in Dorking
Live2Jive Lindy Hop, Jive, Salsa and West Coast Swing classes and events
London Swing Dance Society Lindy Hop classes and events since 1986
Maddy's London area jive classes and events
Mo' Jive Events and classes
Northampton Swing Dance Society  Swinging in the Midlands
Oxford Swing Dance Society Lindy Hop and jive in the Home Counties
Plymouth Jive Paul Thornton's site
Pollytone Records Swing and Jive Weekend Organisers
Rebelroc Modern Jive classes in London, Surrey, West Sussex and Kent.
The Rock Dance Company Swing, jazz and jive in Gloucester
Swingland London-based weekly swing dance classes
Swingjive Leeds Lindy Hop and jive in Northern England

Last updated May 2005

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