Jive Junction Jumps with Summertime Blue Harlem

Blue Harlem and The Jiving Lindyhoppers put on a great show at The Liberty Ballroom Saturday on 3 June 2000.

Jive Junction presented its fourth show in the fabulous Liberty Ballroom in New Greenham Park on the first Saturday in June. The band on stage was Blue Harlem and the class and cabaret was provided by The Jiving Lindyhoppers.

Following on from the sell-out success of The Extraordinaires in February, another good-sized crowd turned up from far and wide for this top double bill. Lindyhopper Warren Heyes got the evening underway with a class and then DJ Andy Kale cranked up his Swing & Jive Jukebox to fill the floor.

Dancing at Liberty Ballroom
Up close and personal at Jive Junction.

Blue Harlem came onstage around 10pm with a solid selection from their Hot News CD. "I'm just here to wear a red dress and lipstick" remarked singer Aisha Khan as she left the stage for a band instrumental, and she did both those things extremely well. She also managed to belt out a few classics, despite the warm-to-hot atmosphere inside the Ballroom.

The Jiving Lindyhoppers recent 50-plus date tour of the United States has really sharpened their show. Warren explained how they had taken Lindy Hop back to The States to re-acquaint the local populace with the dance that originated there. was He was joined by Gheeta Joseph, Alexis Roberts and Jasmin Dotiwalla for three high-energy routines that showed off the troupe's jazz stylings as well as their partnered dancing. They concluded the display with a some extremely fast footwork to a live version of Jumpin' At The Woodside provided by the band.

Blue Harlem returned for a second set that got the audience to their feet again, especially for the medium-paced numbers. As usual, they finished with the crowd-pleasing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" before returning for a well-deserved encore. The evening finished with some more deckwork from Andy Kale before promoter Rob McKim announced last carriages at around half-past midnight.

Jive Junction has done an excellent job of promoting the best in swing and jump-jive music outside London. They have found a fine venue with a good dance floor at The Liberty Ballroom. The event is now taking a break for the Summer months, but will be re-opening its doors later in the year.

© 2000. Andrew Winton.

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