Dawn Hampton's Itinery

A brief look at her travels and performances

Friday 4 to Sunday 6 May:

The weekend at Jumpin' At The Woodside was a huge success, and Dawn was very much a part of that. She gave two talks to large audiences in the Performance Hall of the Arts Centre in Gloucester, explaining how they can find the dancer within themselves. 

At the evening cabaret on Saturday, she took the floor with DJ and dance Ronnie Slide, who announced "There will be no aerials!" But the awesome display made the need for any acrobatics redundant. On the Sunday night, Dawn gave an impromptu performance of her Bhangra routine.

You can read a full account of Jumpin' At The Woodside in the Camps section of Reviews.

Monday 7 May:

Following her appearance in Gloucester, Dawn high-tailed it back to London in time to make Stompin' at The 100 Club on Monday evening. On stage was Mark Seymour and his band, who dedicated a number to this special member of the audience. On the floor was the cast of Tango Por Dos, hotfoot from their evening performance at The Peacock Theatre. 

After grabbing a team photo with Dawn, they gave her a glimpse of what they do - and invited her to see the show the next night!

Tuesday 8 May:

It was an early start for Dawn as she came into London for an interview on BBC Radio London Live. Morning presenter Robert Elms spent fifteen minutes in her company, asking about the early days, life with the big bands and modern day changes in the dance. Dawn was all in favour of those "The dance has to change", she said, adding "I describe myself as a mutant!" At the end of the interview, Dawn chose George Gee's version of Splanky as a play-out tune.

True to her word, Dawn spent a very enjoyable evening at Tango Por Dos at The Peacock Theatre. "Really good show" was her comment when she arrived to catch the last hour at C Jam Swing. As always, she found time to speak to the stream of dancers who came up to chat with her. 

For those still to experience a taste of what is to come at the events this weekend (see below for full details), you should be able to catch Dawn tonight at Jitterbugs in Leicester Place London WC2. Those gold shoes are really putting in some mileage!

Wednesday 9 May:

Dawn Hampton and Porl Smith
Dawn swings out with Porl Smith

No early rising necessary today for Dawn as she spent the day in town. Two of her favourite pastimes are visiting thrift shops and just walking around. Fortunately there has been enough dry weather for her to do both in London.

The evening event was Jitterbugs. She was introduced to the crowd by DJ Terry Elliott, who is also playing for her at Kingsway Hall Hotel on Saturday. A suitable tune was found for Dawn to have her very own jam session, giving a few brave dancers the chance to move with the best.

Afterwards, Dawn was content to sit and look, and enjoy the music. But several confident leads were not content to pass up this opportunity, and got her back up on the dance floor (see photo right).

So what's the story with those gold shoes, Dawn? "I buy them white and then spray them myself" she says, "And every two years I 'retire' a pair and get some new ones". Isn't she concerned that they might be stolen? "They could steal 'em" she smiles, "But they couldn't wear 'em!"

Thursday 10 May:

After three swing dance clubs and a show since the beginning of the week, you would have thought that Dawn would be looking to take it easy. After all -she has a big weekend coming up with two master classes and a talk. And so she did - nearly. But she could resist the opportunity to see what was offer in the show bounce, which was playing at The Roundhouse in North London. You can read a review of that production in the Shows section of Reviews.

Friday 11 May:

Another chance for Dawn to relax and follow one of her favourite pastimes of visiting thrift shops. But it was a lucky night for those attending Ron Leslie's Swing Class in Old Street, as Dawn swung by to see Lindy Hop as it is taught over here.

For those of you who can't get enough of Dawn, check out the New York City Lindy Exchange on June 7 to 10 this year. Thursday 7 sees a welcome party kick off the weekend at Swing 46 with George Gee in attendance. Friday 8 takes you to DanceManhattan Studios for a party from 9pm to midnight, and then it's late night blues dancing. There are events throughout the weekend, and it's a celebration of Dawn's birthday on Friday June 8. For updates, look at Yehoodi.com or you can email Dawn Birthday Exchange.

Saturday 12 May:

Dawn Hampton
Dawn dances with Doug Sager

The Big Weekend begins! At 11am, twenty-three of the country's top swing dance teachers assembled at Pineapple Studios in London's Covent Garden for a three-hour master class with Dawn Hampton. The theme of the day was to help them add the feel and interpretation of the music to the steps they already know.

By general consent, the day was an outstanding success. Even David Dalmo, star of bounce, found time to drop by for an hour or two, and partner Dawn in one of the sessions. After lunch, Dawn took the time to give everyone a chance to dance with her, and get some real hands-on knowledge. 

The evening was devoted to the talk and dance at The Kingsway Hall Hotel in London's Covent Garden. You can read the full story here

Sunday 13 May:

Dawn's last full day in London. It was an early start at The Place Studios for the second master class, for students this time. Once again, Dawn showed her tireless energy as she demonstrated, danced, talked and joked her way through three hours of swing. Afterwards it was home for a well-earned rest. 

Monday 14 May:

Time for Dawn to head home. She was the most professional person I have worked with, not only in swing, but possibly in any sphere. Nothing was ever too much trouble, she was punctual for every engagement, had time for everyone who wanted to speak to her, and delivered on every occasion. There's a lot that people can leaqrn from this lady - and not just about dancing!

Andrew Winton 7 July 2001.

Her main itinery while she is in England was: 

Date Event
Friday 4 May to Sunday 6 May Appearing at Jumpin' At The Woodside in Gloucester (contact 01452 770063).
Monday 7 May 9pm to 11pm The 100 Club 100 Oxford Street London
Tuesday 8 May C Jam Swing The Bedford Arms 77 Bedford Hill SW12
Wednesday 9 May Jitterbugs Notre Dame Hall Leicester Place London WC2
Thursday 10 May  Saw Bounce at The Roundhouse
Friday 10 May A relaxing day and a visit to Ron Leslie's class
Saturday 12 May  11am to 2pm at Pineapple Studios Shelton Street London WC2 Dawn Hampton master class for teachers of swing and partner dance. 20.
Saturday 12 May  7pm to 11.30pm An Evening With Dawn Hampton. Kingsway Hall Hotel Great Queen Street London WC2 doors 7pm. Talk followed by dance to Terry's Sentimental Journey. 8 advance 10 on the door.
Sunday 13 May  10am to 1pm Dancers Class with Dawn Hampton. The Place Studios Duke's Street London. 15. 

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