The Wit and Wisdom Of Dawn Hampton

Her talks are littered with pearls of advice and humour

Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot do this dance because you are white. I know some black people that cannot tap their foot in time - and they've been black a long time!

People ask me if I do a six-count or an eight-count. I tell 'em the only count I know is Count Basie.

If we taught all the world leaders to swing out, there would be fewer wars. They would all be too busy practising their Lindy turns.

Too many jazz musicians want to be artists. Artists are only recognised when they're dead - I'm still alive.

Can you imagine in years to come, a couple listening to a rap song and the guy says "Oh honey! They're playing our song!"

When I was three years old my father put me on the stage and said "Do something!"

The Spice Girls? I have never heard these ladies. (You lucky person - Ed.)

I'm a lazy dancer. If my foot gets high off the ground, it's an accident.

West Coast Swing doesn't swing.

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