Hula Joe and The Hutjumpers

DJ All Ruzzit Buzzit falls under the spell of Hawaiian Swing.

Hula Joe and The Hutjumpers have recently been awarded a Hoku Award [their equivalent of a Grammys], in their native Hawaii, for "Best Jazz Album" of the year and I am not the least surprised. This is by far the best CD from a new band I've come across in a long time. I love every one of the 17 tracks.

The Hutjumpers are a 10 piece Hawaiian Swing band, although it seems like more, with a "proper" brass section and a host of guest stars appearing, which helps add to the tremendous variety on this CD. It really is a dancers delight with something for everyone from silky smooth Lindy through to solid jiving R&B with a little Hip Hop & Skat in between. The production is excellent, which shows how a good engineer can bring out the true soul in a band.

I was gobsmacked by the quantity and quality of the original numbers with very amusing lyrics and the odd spot of cannibalism. (yes! eating people not sampling) and there are some excellent instrumental solos featured. I'm afraid I'm a sucker for a Hawaiian Guitar but, when they casually slip in a Hammond organ, I'm gone man.

It's difficult to choose a favourite track but I think it must be Boiled Peanuts for me. The female vocalist has a voice that goes straight to my loins.

Buy this CD !! It's on the Black & Tan label BT1010. You may have trouble finding it so try the band's web site or, in the UK you could try Jim Simpson of Big Bear Music on 0121 454 7020. I believe they're thinking of promoting the band in the UK.

Failing that you can come to The Herrang Dance Camp. I'm going to be playing it "all the time" or maybe at Stompin' at the 100 Club.

Many thanks to this Swing Time for pointing me at this excellent band!

"Mahalo" from All Ruzzit Buzzit (This Hawaiian thing is catching).

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