Echoes of Ellington: Related Web Sites

A page of web sites that carry information related to Echoes of Ellington

A trawl through the web sites produced by a Google search on "Echoes of Ellington" produced around 395 sites that contained those words - although not necessarily in that order. There was some duplication, with the same site coming up more than once on several occasions. It also emerged that "Echoes of Ellington" is a name of a video series as well as a band in The United States. Chris Barber seems to have made liberal use of the name too. 

Here are some of the more relevant ones, together with a brief description of how they are related to this most magnificent of orchestras. They will not be checked, and over time, some of them will no doubt decay, deteriorate and then disappear altogether. As indeed sadly must we all.

The Echoes ConnectionWeb Site
Pete Long's swing combo9.20 Deluxe
Reviews from Ronnie Scott'sRonnie Scott's Jazz Club
More stuff from Ronnie'sRonnie Scott's Jazz Club
A Spanish Festival in 1997 (in Spanish)Jazzaldia
The Duke Ellington Society UKDESUK
Another Duke Ellington Appreciation Society! Duke's Place
Drummer Clark Tracey's Home PageClark Tracey
Birmingham Royal Ballet - Echoes' 'Nutcracker Sweeties'
Mike Innes on a trombone tribute site!Alan Berlyn
Home Page of sax player Ray GelatoRay Gelato
Drummer Tom Gordon mentioned on Rebecca Hollweg's siteRebecca Hollweg
Des De Moor, the sound engineer for their many 100 Club gigsDes De Moor
Brian Davis reviews the Rockin' In Ronnies CDCD Review
Mike Lovatt plays in an Earth Wind and Fire tribute band shock! Boogie Wonder Band

If you know of any web sites that have a connection to Echoes of Ellington, no matter how trivial, tangential or tenuous, do send them to The Echoes Pages.