Echoes of Ellington: Who Were Those Masked Men?

A list of cohorts that helped to launch a one-Plonged attack on the Ellington repertoire.

While it is true that Pete Long was the former of the orchestra, he was also the latter. But better latter than never. A bird in the bush is worth two in the orchestra pit. But he couldn't achieve this alone. Oh no. He needed help. Desperately. And the troops rallied round from all over the country. Yes, it was the Great British rally. Tally Ho! And so they gathered themselves up and were transported to those events that dared to be called "gigs".

But who were they, those masked musicteers, those Ellingtonian acolytes? Here, finally, is an incomplete list of players, movers and shakers that found themselves referred to at one time or another, and in some cases both, as a member of The Echoes of Ellington Orchestra.

The PlayerThe Plan
Adams, BruceTrumpet, Main Stem and Rockin' In Ronnies
Baker, Andy Trumpet
Castle, Ben Saxophone, free spiritedness
Craig, Jay Baritone saxophone, clarinet, BBC correspondent
Cuss, Andy Trumpet
Dagley, Chris Drums
Dixon, Iain Tenor saxophone, clarinet
Flynn, ClaireVocals, first album
Francis, JohnViolin, Rockin' In Ronnies
Gelato, Ray Tenor saxophone, vocals, financial advice
Gordon, Tom Drums
Hunt, Bob 'Tiger' Trombone, Ellingtology
Innes, Don Pianoforte
Innes, Mike Trombone
Judge, Phil Trombone
Langley, Noel Trumpet
Land, DaveTrumpet, Main Stem
Lee, JohnTrumpet, Main Stem and Rockin' In Ronnies
Long, PeteClarinet, saxophone, hat, stuffed dog
Lovatt, Mike Trumpet
Mallett, Gavin Trumpet
Olney, DaveDouble bass, Main Stem and Rockin' In Ronnies
Revell, Patti Vocals, glamour, big shoes
Richardson, Jim Double bass, sage
Ripper, Peter Alto saxophone, clarinet, military adviser
Rollins, Winston Trombone, style guru
Russell, GrahamLead trumpet, Main Stem and Rockin' In Ronnies
Skinner, Colin Alto saxophone, clarinet, Scottish Voice of Sex
Smith, MikeDrums, Main Stem and Rockin' In Ronnies
Tomasso, Enrico Trumpet, cheekiness
Tracey, Clark Drums, percussion, Thunderbirds impersonations
Traves, ChrisTrombone, Main Stem
Walton, Pete Guitar, banjo
Williams, Martin Baritone saxophone

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