Hot Swing at Dover Street Wine Bar!

Just a brief look at the new team in town: Singer Patti Revell has joined saxman Ray Gelato at his monthly sojourns downstairs at Dover Street Wine Bar in London.

Often competing with the delights of Stompin' At The 100 Club, on July 7 2003 there was no gig there, so those dedicated to Monday night dance fun were found at this friendly venue. 

Manager Larry Price always extends a warm welcome to those who want to cut a rug, finding time for a chat in his busy schedule. The venue is very dance-friendly, and Larry makes sure that enough dining tables are cleared away to allow stuff to be strutted. 

Ray starts the evening with his repertoire of sax instrumentals and Louis Prima classics. The mood is swinging and Ray is in fine voice.

Patti Revell and Ray Gelato
Ray Gelato and Patti Revell

Henry Miles ans Sophie Shaw
Henry Miles and Sophie Shaw swing out

The introduction of singer Patti Revell to Gelato's four-piece has added a new dimension. These two are long-time collaborators in Pete Long's Echoes of Ellington, and amazingly, some of that repertoire is included here.

For big band fans, it might seem impossible for five people to recreate the sounds of an 18-piece orchestra, but it's done here - and it works. So you get to hear Just Squeeze Me, the sexy vocal duet, and even Take The 'A' Train, where Patti scats like mad.

Fellow Giant Richard Busiakiewicz takes his chance to shine at the piano, and sometime Echoes drummer Tom Gordon drives the unit along from behind his drum kit. 

What's the connection between Patti Revell and department store John Lewis? They're both never knowingly under-soled! Tonight was no exception, and Patti's choice of high-rise footwear put her in danger of hitting the ceiling!

The night goes on to past midnight, ands there's plenty of time to sit and chat as well as dance. The next nights at Dover Street for Ray and Patti are Mondays 4 August and 1 September. And as admission is free before 9pm - the price is right so come on down!

Patti's shoes
Patti's footwear: never knowingly under-soled!

Ray plays and Patti sings
Ray plays and Patti sings

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July 2003 Andrew Winton.

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