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Welcome to Tuxedo Junction and thanks for taking the time to visit this site. It is the home of Swing Time, The Swing Time Event and Venue Listings, and much more besides. If you're interested in The Lindy Hop and other styles of swing dancing, there should be something of interest to you within these pages.


The site is laid out so that you are never more than a mouse-click away from another section. It has been built with frames, and if your browser doesn't support them, you're stuffed. If it does, you will see the main section links along the top of your window, and clicking on one of these brings up an Index Page below it on the left and an Introduction to that section on the right. You can get back to this page at any time by clicking 'Front Page'.

There are few images in any of the pages apart from the Sound and Vision and Reviews sections. What is lacking in appearance will be made up for in speed of access. With time, improvements and changes will be made to the look and feel of the site, provided they do not bring the whole thing grinding to a halt. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. As well as writing Swing Time and compiling the listings, I now have the exciting task of constructing and updating a web site as well. As someone who does not understand how a tin opener works, this has been quite a challenge.

Special thanks for their support, assistance and general butt-kicking to get this site up and running in three weeks in August 1999 to Angela Andrew, Claire Colbert, Adam Hawkins, Elliot Jacobson, Paul Lutus, Chris Power, Bobby Winton and especially Keith Harrison, without whom the first steps would never have been taken.

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Slightly late but better than never, hopefully. 

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